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I truly believe there is Success waiting for Everyone – and the World is waiting for YOU

Your Success Path
Your Success Patterns

And The Power Of…
“The Encoded Identity Phenomenon” 

How to Break Through the ‘Glass Ceiling’ – Harness The Power Of Your ‘Encoded Identity’ – And Find MEANING and PURPOSE in Work and Life.

A Half Day Training for Just $67 ($495 Value)

 Hi, I’m Barbara,

An Entrepreneur, Stage designer, and Orchestrator – with Unshakeable Determination to help Female Leaders ‘Rise to The Top’ – Discover the power of their ‘Encoded Identity’ — and create Meaningful Movements across the globe…


  • A Woman with a vision – that will really “Make A Difference” – but either you “Don’t Know How’ to make it happen – or keep experiencing many ‘Road-Blocks’ along the way…
  • A Woman – Career-Oriented & Brilliant at what you do – but feel as though you’ve hit ‘The Glass Ceiling’ in your Organisation.
  • A Woman who wants to make the MOST of life – you’re always searching for the NEXT challenge that will bring great Reward and Excitement – but want something MORE!

Trust me, you’re not alone!

Whatever it is — whether it’s the promotion to CEO that you’re after – or a complete Career Change that will finally give you the purpose and meaning you seek — there are tools and techniques you NEED to move forward with Speed and Ease.

Eva-Maria Gosch, M.Phil., CEO Update Training, Austria’s largest Education & Training Organisation

Barbara has the rare ability to effortlessly bring big ideas to life and think outside the box. I had a big vision and Barbara really understood my vision with such depth and clarity. Utilising her insight, I achieved one of my big goals, becoming CEO of the company. With her knowledge of Encoded-Identity, I was able to put an incredible team in place, and within 12 months – doubled in revenue and size. My staff have never been happier, I’m clear on my next steps, and love every minute of it!


I’ll show you HOW at my next Half Day Workshop.

In particular – I’ll be covering…

The 5 Steps – To Unpack Your ‘Encoded Identity’
And Turn Your VISION Into ‘Glass-Shattering’ Success!

Step 1: “The HAZE” = Ultimate Clarity & 20/20 Vision
In this Step – I’ll take you through a process to ensure you are Razor Sharp Clear on ‘Your Destination’.

Step 2: Details-of-Distinction = “Your Exact Path” — REVEALED
This is where my Stage Designer Secrets become YOUR success weapon. (I’ll explain in a moment).

Step 3: “The Code of Type-Expression”
Discover your unique TYPE – and learn to Unpack & LEVERAGE what was Naturally Gifted To You At Birth.
This changes EVERYTHING!

Step 4:Your “Stumbling Loops” – Shattering ‘The Glass-Ceiling’ FOREVER
Learn How to ELIMINATE – all the Blocks & Stumbling Loops that keep you stuck where you currently are – so you can move forward Quickly and Efficiently.

Step 5: Personalised “No-Detour Strategy” = Success Path Mastery
The Road Map that’s going to ‘Bring it all together’ – and show you ‘Step-By-Step’ – HOW to turn your vision into reality.

You’ll leave my Workshop with FULL CONFIDENCE – Knowing Exactly HOW to move forward!

Alexandra Gallili, Netherlands, Leading Artist & Yoga Pathfinder, says this:

“I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do, but kept arriving at dead ends. Working with Barbara provided me with the tools, knowledge and never-ending encouragement I needed – allowing for a clear path to emerge to get me to my goal. In less than 6 months – I started a brand new business combining Art and Yoga (never done before) – for busy Mum’s and their kid’s. I love what I do, and have so much gratitude for Barbara’s role in helping me achieve my dreams!”



Let me tell you a little bit about The No-Detour Strategy

As a Stage Designer, it was my job to bring the VISION of the DIRECTOR to life. Directors would give me their various ideas — Where they wanted to go — What it looked like within their minds — and more importantly — How it would make the audience FEEL.

MY job – was to turn this Vision into REALITY.

I’ve approached working with my Clients in Exactly the same way.

After years and years of Research, Refining, Trialing and Testing – I’ve adapted my Stage Design Techniques into a 5-Step Formula that I now call ‘The No-Detour Strategy’.

This is the perfect guide map to turn YOUR Vision for work and life – into REALITY — without Struggle!

Aside from…
The 5 Steps of Unpacking – YOUR Encoded Identity & Achieving Glass-Shattering Success
I’ll also be covering…

  • How to Ignite The Power of the Ancient Code” – and Take the Next Step with Unshakeable Confidence
  • How to have Prosperous Communication – in EVERY part of your life (And I mean Every Part!!)


  • How to Leverage Your Encoded Identity – To Harness The TRUE Power of Leadership – and Attract a Team that will Follow You Wherever You Go (This is a Gold-Mine!)

It’s a MYTH that you have to be “Tough-As-Nails” – to climb to the TOP! You DO NOT need to compromise who you are – in order to ‘compete’. All you need to do is simply understand your Encoded-Identity – and learn how to leverage it. Seriously, it’s THAT easy!

I promise – with this knowledge – you’ll know Exactly how to Attract the RIGHT People to your Team — create a Loyal Following — and know exactly where to each person around you — in order to achieve Exquisite Results that Surpass ALL Targets or Goals!

Hannah Athanasiadis, B.Comm., Creative Analyst, Writer & Musician

Barbara has a unique ability of finding the gold mine within each and every person. Working with Barbara has given me an extra level of clarity within my vision I didn’t have previously. With her help, I was able to identify the part of my vision that really motivated me. I’m now aware of my ‘Encoded-Identity’ – And can see how aspects of my ‘Encoded Identity’ were in conflict, instead of working harmoniously together. It showed me how I operate on a deep, innate level as well as some of the major blocks that were in the way of achieving my vision. I can now focus on my ‘end goal’ with all decisions in total alignment. 



I can’t tell you just how life-changing ‘The Encoded-Identity Phenomenon’ is. You’ll just have to experience it for yourself!

But Remember, I’ll also be walking you through…

The 5 Steps – To Harnessing Your ‘Encoded-Identity’ & Achieving Glass-Shattering Success!

Step 1: “The HAZE” = Ultimate Clarity & 20/20 Vision
We’ll make sure you’re REALLY clear on ‘Where you want to go’.

Step 2: Details-of-Distinction = “Your Exact Path” — REVEALED
No two paths are alike!

Step 3: “The Code of Type-Expression”
This is where we draw on Ancient and Historic knowledge that has been completely overlooked by modern day society – to allow you to discover the TRUE power of ‘The Original You’. (Seriously life changing!!)

Step 4: Your “Stumbling Loops” – Shattering ‘The Glass-Ceiling’ FOREVER
You’ll understand exactly why you’ve been feeling ‘stuck’ – and learn the tools to get OFF the ‘Stumbling Loop’.  

Step 5: Personalised “No-Detour Strategy” = Success Path Mastery
The Map – The Guide – Showing you HOW.

Again, it’s only $67. All you have to do is say ‘YES’ to taking Action!

See you soon!



Saturday, 13th of January, 2018

The Institute for Learning Professionals – 17 Gould Rd. Herston, QLD


Saturday, 17th of February, 2018

The Institute for Learning Professionals – 17 Gould Rd. Herston, QLD