Part 3: YOUR ‘Success Path’ – Series

I often hear women say — “I’m not confident enough to do that… / to pursue that… / to realise that idea… / I’m not like you…”

I needed to find a solution to what’s holding them back. And I discovered something amazing, very intriguing, very powerful. In a way so simple that I imagined EVERYONE would know about it. It took me a while to realise that – what I believed was common knowledge – had gone missing in our lives.

Your ‘Encoded Identity’.

‘Encoded Identity’ is the core architecture of your authentic Being, it is your fundamental and distinctive DNA. It is the ‘HOW’ to what you ‘DO’ — you are born with it, it can not be learned or altered. Yet — knowing it you can leverage its full power to experience not only authenticity on every level of your Life, but also Accelerate Your Success.

Once we know who we truly are we can TRUST our decisions.

You have been given your ‘Identity’, or Temperament, for a reason. Your “Encoded Identity” It is the foundation and guideline for your ‘Type-Expression’, it anchors your abilities, it gives you direction. You are meant to know who you really are, so that you can be genuine, sincere and authentic in every part of your life — every step of the way. It is the SECRET INGREDIENT to accelerate your success, on every level of your life. No matter whether in business or personal life.

This is sooo powerful!!!

If you are not aware of your ‘Encoded Identity’ — your innate strengths, gifts, AND needs — If you don’t TRULY know WHO you are — You end up doing what others Do. Say what others say. Try what others Try. YET — it never feels right. NOT NATURAL. NOT AUTHENTIC. AND THEREFORE NOT SUCCESSFUL.

If you are aware of your ‘Encoded Identity’ and move from within its natural power, you will excel. Understanding it — your own and that of other people around you — is the key to experiencing a fulfilling and successful life on all levels: personal and business.

I know that You hold All the Answers — Discovering your ‘ENCODED IDENTITY’ gives you the Calmness, the Knowledge and the Power that comes from knowing that you can be — ‘JUST YOU’ — and that you too can achieve ‘Glass-Shattering Success’. I love that.

There is a difference in how you approach life and work situations — being the straight-edged pieces that keep everything in line — or the corner stones that hold it all together. You need to know who you are in the ‘Identity Puzzle’ —  the blue sky — calm and steady — or the colourful flowers, full of inspiration and ideas.

Within this lies your ‘Code of Type-Expression’.

Unpack & Leverage what was NATURALLY gifted to you at birth.

This changes EVERYTHING!

Stop Guessing — Start Being YOU

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